Tips For Staying Active This Winter

Jan 8th 2018

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At Modply, we’re inspired by the world around us, we love to travel, and we live for adventure. Not only are we happy to provide our customers with the best watches for an active lifestyle, but we’re also happy to give you the tips you need to maintain an active lifestyle when times get tough. This year, when the freezing temperatures set in, follow these tips for staying active in the winter:

Invest In a Good Pair of Walking Shoes

Our first tip for staying active in the winter? Invest in a good pair of walking shoes. Anytime you find yourself with a half hour to spare, don’t just sit around the house, playing on your smartphone--go for a jog! Don’t want to do it alone? Go out with your friends or family and take in the Christmas lights going up around town. Or, if your four-legged best friend is getting antsy being cooped up all day, take them out for a walk, too! Having a partner will make the walk feel less lonely, and give you the motivation you need to get out of the house more frequently.

Also, remember: you don’t have to run a marathon for your winter exercise to count. Simply take advantage of the opportunities that arise around you. For instance, anytime you’re going shopping, or plan to dine out at a restaurant, park in a spot that’s far from the door and then walk to your destination. It will also be easier to find your car on the way out!

Tackle Your Seasonal Yard Work

Who says that spring and fall are the best times for cleaning? If you’re looking for helpful tips for staying active in the winter, bundle up, go outside, and get to cleaning! Yard work will definitely get your blood pumping, and the heat you work up will keep you nice and toasty while you get things done. If you have an exceptionally snowy winter, keep yourself busy by shoveling your sidewalks. If there isn’t much snowfall, focus on raking leftover leaves from the fall. Even after you clean up your own yard/sidewalks, you can stay active and give back to your community by helping your neighbors or local businesses.

Don’t Forget to Play!

One of the most important tips for staying active in the winter is to involve some play time in your schedule. Skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are all great ways to have fun while working out.

If you have kids, take the whole family to a local park for an afternoon of sledding (just walking up the hill, over and over, will give you a great workout!) or head to your backyard for a parents vs. kids snowball fight! Build a snowman together, an igloo, or make snow angels! As long as you’re moving and finding new, interesting ways to exert yourself, you’ll be able to have fun and stay active all season long.

Stay Active Indoors, As Well

Sometimes, it’s just too cold to go outside willingly--and that’s okay. We have tips for staying active in the winter while you're indoors, as well. First, let’s start with the obvious: you can join a gym, try a fitness class at your local YMCA, or practice yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Looking for something less involved? Take a break from your outdoor walking by walking around a local mall. You can shop while you’re there, or simply do a few laps before heading back to the car. Another option: instead of taking the elevator at work, opt for the stairs.

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