The Perfect Sentimental Gifts For Long Distance Relationships

Nov 1st 2017

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Falling in love is magical but it sure can be complicated. This is especially true if you’re separated from your partner and trying that “long distance thing” as you pursue education, a career, or simply wait for the right time to come together again.

Even if you can’t see the love of your life every day, you can show them how much you care with something sentimental -- and there are plenty of gifts that are perfect for long distance relationships. Take a look at some of these precious presents for your partner:

A Way to Countdown the Minutes

The greatest gift anyone in a long distance relationship could get is more time with the one they love. And while you can’t always provide that quality time, you can give your partner a way to track the minutes until you reunite. Why not make that countdown lovely to look at with a one-of-a-kind real wooden watch?

A handcrafted wooden watch makes the perfect gift for anyone in a long distance relationship. It’s a beautiful accessory and a reminder of how quickly time flies before you two are together again.

Do you have a boyfriend who enjoys hiking just as much as he likes a good casual Sunday brunch? Get him a watch that’s versatile and lends itself to a variety of outfits, like our Harvard Forest Walnut watch

What about a girlfriend with a classic but quirky taste in accessories? Give her our Rosy Maple Caramel. And when you buy your watch from Modply, you can add any custom engraving for that sentimental touch. It’s a wonderful way to show your partner how happy you are every moment you’re with them.

A Heartfelt Postcard or Letter 

If you’ve ever received a postcard from your partner while he or she is exploring the world, it’s high time to return the favor. In today’s culture of instant gratification, a postcard or letter is a fun, unique gift -- and once you two are finally reunited, a handwritten message makes for a sweet keepsake, reminding you of the distance you outlasted for love. It’s the perfect gift for a long distance relationship!

A Little “Love Tap”

Your partner is the light of your life, so why not light up the room whenever you think of them? With a long distance lamp, you can send some love with a simple touch. Using WiFi capabilities, a pair of touch lamps are designed to light up whenever one person touches either one. Think of how touching it’d be to have a lamp that illuminates whenever your partner is thinking of you, shining an ambient light on other tangible memories of them such as a real wooden watch or handwritten letter.

It’s a perfect gift for a long distance relationship, as you can subtly show that you’re always in each other’s thoughts.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

As the name implies, one of the biggest obstacles in a long distance relationship is… well, the distance. Time apart means you miss out on frequent movie nights, weekend adventures, and many other moments that other couples get to enjoy.

When you do get those moments with your partner, however, it’s important to cherish them. A scrapbook or photo album that documents some of your favorite moments together is a great way to remind them just how much you care.

Sentimental Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for an anniversary, birthday, or just because, make sure to find a sentimental gift that proves your love is greater than any distance. If you’d like to learn more about giving any one of our wooden watches as a gift to your long distance partner, contact us today or email [email protected]