Sustainable Style: The Case for Sustainable Wooden Watches and Accessories

Jul 5th 2017

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Sustainable living and sustainable wooden watches and have become buzzwords lately. Given our current global situation, all of us at Modply think it is important to understand the actual reality of what sustainability really means.

At Modply, we believe in honesty, and this rings true especially when it comes to sustainability and being good stewards of the world around us. With that, we feel it is important to understand that offering eco-friendly wooden watches is not achieved by boasting a simple message such as: “One watch equals one tree (or 10 trees) planted.” It is our responsibility to do more in the manufacturing and wood sourcing steps along the way to ensure we are being ecologically responsible.

Going Further

Although tree planting programs such as “Trees for the Future” are great initiatives that get at the core issue, a problem still remains. Every tree that is used in woodworking is typically a very mature tree. Therefore, when a tree is cut down, it takes a substantial amount of time to regrow, all the while using space, water and other resources along the way. Therefore, simply replacing a tree or even planting 10 trees is not a fair tradeoff for sustainability in our world.

Modply accepts that it is just as much the responsibility of companies and manufacturers alike to go further, to not only limit their impact, and replant trees but also reclaim wood that has already been harvested. This reclamation and full utilization of wood already harvested is the true secret to reducing our footprint on the world.

Going deeper into the subject, we think one of the best ways to create sustainable wooden watches is to use materials that have already been harvested. This is typically utilizing different types of wood that have been rejected by other manufacturers, often because there is not enough left to make a large product (i.e. furniture, flooring, etc) or reclaimed wood from other sources. All of this wood is still beautiful in character and is usually only rejected for nominal reasons such as being of nonstandard sizes.

Designing and creating eco-friendly wooden watches doesn’t really require a ton of material.

Therefore, to truly be an eco-conscious watchmaking company, we’ve grown to be resourceful with what we have around us.

Every Detail Counts

Sustainable wooden watches take a lot of forethought, an understanding of the manufacturing process and advanced experience in sourcing along the way. Besides using rejected and reclaimed wood that still has character and aesthetic beauty, we also package and ship our watches in eco-friendly packaging.

Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We have even seen our customers use the boxes they received with their watches to grow small plants in!

The final step in offering and producing premiumsustainable wooden watches is the finish of the watch. We understand that a person wearing a watch does not want one finished or made with harsh or toxic chemicals. At Modply, we are adamant about ensuring our watches are never coated or finished with harsh or toxic chemicals. We only use coatings approved for eco-friendly wooden watches, such as beeswax.

You can be rest assured knowing when you buy a wooden watch from Modply, it will be sustainably sourced, high-quality, unique, and always eco-friendly timepiece. If you’d like to learn more about our eco-friendly watch designs and sustainable practices, reach out to us at [email protected].