Perfect, Practical Holiday Gifts For Friends & Family

Dec 8th 2017

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Perfect, Practical Holiday Gifts For Friends & Family

Every Christmas, we all hear the old adage: it’s better to give than to receive. At Modply, we agree -- but if you ask us, it’s better to give something your loved ones will actually use.

If you’re looking for practical Christmas gift ideas, we’re here to help! From household goods to awesome accessories, these suggestions will inspire you to find the perfect thing for everyone on your Christmas list:

Giving a Watch as a Gift

If you have a fashion lover in your family or friend group, you know how important it is to have versatile pieces. An accessory that goes with everything can make dressing up easy, so your friend can save money while looking great.

An elegant, stylish watch is one practical Christmas gift idea that any style icon will appreciate. Giving a watch as a gift blends function and fashion in the best way. And when you buy a versatile watch, your friend will have a new accessory they can wear all year long!

For the Host or Hostess

We all have that friend who is constantly throwing parties, planning group trips, or inviting you over to watch Game of Thrones. You’ve thoroughly enjoyed their hosting prowess over the years, so why not give back this Christmas?

A decorative serving platter or set of wine glasses is a great and practical Christmas gift idea for your host or hostess friends. You can even contribute to their party pantry with a subscription box (chocolate- or wine-of-the-month clubs) are always popular. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving: your friend will likely throw a party to use their new treats or utensils, which means you can sample it, too!

For the Constant Commuter

This friend is always sitting in traffic, heading to the subway station, or taking the next flight for a weekend getaway. A practical Christmas gift idea for this person is one that will make their trips easier and more enjoyable.

If they’re constantly flying, invest in a nice luggage set. If they’re always behind the wheel, an emergency road kit is the perfect gift. And if the subway is more their style, a full metro card just might make their day. Along with these great life savers, think of something that can keep them on time! Any busy commuter will appreciate it if you give a watch as a gift, especially if it’s something stylish yet functional, and easy to wear on any given day. Don’t be afraid to think practically; these gifts can truly enhance their daily life.

For the Cold-Blooded Buddy

Socks have been the butt of “bad Christmas present” jokes for years, but if you ask us they get a bad rap. After all, the winter months can be unbearably cold, and thick, cozy socks can help stop the chill.

If you have a friend who simply isn’t ready for the snow, help them stay bundled up this year! There are plenty of cozy and practical Christmas gift ideas to choose from, like fuzzy throw blankets or fleece pajamas. Your shivering loved ones will definitely be grateful to get a gift like this.

‘Tis The Season

This holiday season, give your friends and family gifts they can use for years to come. Check out our men’s and women’s wooden watches at Modply to start your holiday shopping today!