Essentials For Hiking & Camping - The Best Accessories & More

Dec 22nd 2017

At Modply, we’re inspired by the world around us. That’s why we incorporate real wood into our watches, creating some of the best watches for hiking and camping. But what else should you bring on a camping trip? We’ve got a few suggestions:


Whether you’re headed to a brand-new location or a well-worn campsite, there’s always something new to see in the wilderness. If you plan to venture off the beaten path, a navigation system is one of best hiking accessories you can have.

There are a variety of navigation systems available, from ultra-modern GPS locators to the old-school compass and map. Make sure you use a system that’s reliable and easy for you to read -- soon, you’ll be able to explore any new place!

Sun Protection

Even the most forested areas get their fair share of sunlight. And whether you’re on a day hike or a weekend camping trip, it’s very important to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Every hiker knows that protection is a must-have!

As you pack up for your next hiking trip, make sure you include sunscreen, a hat, or UPF clothing. These hiking accessories are the best way to help you avoid sunburn, prevent skin cancer, and make your trip much more fun.

First-aid Supplies

Accidents can happen, even with the most experienced hikers. This is why a first-aid kit is one of the best hiking accessories you can carry with you. You may not use it, but you’ll feel better if you keep it handy.

Your kit should include assorted bandages, gauze dressing, scissors, a splint, and various creams and lotions like antiseptic ointment or aloe vera gel. Of course, you can pack your kit with any extras you need, but don’t forget all these essentials!


You may have learned how to make a fire with two sticks when you were a Boy Scout, but these days camping tends to be a bit more efficient. Waterproof matches lighters are the best hiking accessories for starting your campfire.

Making a fire will give you warmth, help you see in the evenings, and give you a place to cook your meals, so don’t chance it! You can try to use your survival skills, but have matches nearby just in case.


Plenty of hikers and campers head out into the woods with grand ambitions to “live off the land” for a few days. They’ll fish for their dinner, they’ll drink from the stream, and they’ll live how our ancestors did years ago.

This is a fine idea -- but it’s not always realistic. There may be no fish nearby, and the water may not be drinkable. This is why extra food and water are, without question, the best hiking accessories for longer trips.

So, now that you’re ready for your next hiking or camping adventure, shouldn’t you get dressed for the occasion? Slip on your UPF shirt, strap on your backpack, and don’t forget the best watch for hiking or camping -- your Modply wooden watch!