Choosing Special Gifts for Your Clients

Nov 22nd 2017

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1.The Professional Anniversary Gift

After many years of service at a company, organization, or department, many professionals typically receive a gift. Whether this is a clock with a special engraving or a monument etched with their years of service, celebrating a professional anniversary is an exciting time! While these items are appreciated, they will soon be left to collect dust and eventually be packed away.

Let’s fix this – with a Modply promotional business gift! A Modply analog wooden watch is the perfect gift for any promotional business occasion. Modply watches come at various different price points to meet your company’s needs and can be custom engraved to commemorate your employee’s years of service! This promotional gift will not collect dust and most definitely be a conversation starter for the recipient. While you’re giving a gift, you are also reminding your current or former employee of the unique business relationship you had. A Modply analog wooden watch is sure to bring up conversations about your company, so you can also think of this as an investment in advertising.

2.The Super Client Promotional Gift

You want to give your most valuable clients something to remember you by and to set your company apart. What’s more unique than a handmade analog wood watch made from 100 percent real wood? No watch is completely alike and the same goes for clients. Show your clients how much you appreciate their business and their individuality by presenting them with a Modply watch as a promotional business gift. You have the option to engrave a personal message on the back, add your company’s logo, and more! Modply even offers exclusive discounts for bulk promotional gift purchases. Get started today and email us at [email protected] to learn more and place your wooden watch order!

3.The Give-Away

Say your business is participating in a golf outing and wants to participate in the promotional gifts give-away. You can visit your local screen-printing store and get your logo put on a cooler, a t-shirt, or some other object and maybe the item will get used a few times. However, these items are often tossed out after a few uses and are usually not made with quality in mind. You can up your business’ game by giving away a Modply analog wooden watch as a business promotional gift. The event attendees are sure to be caught staring at this unique and beautiful item! You can get your logo or a custom message engraved on the backside of the watch to remind the winner of this gift of your company- the company who went out of their way to secure a one-of-a-kind promotional gift. In the same way, clients at the event will be sure to notice that you went out of your way to provide a special item for the event and be drawn to your thoughtfulness for their future needs!

Regardless of whom you’re giving a promotional business gift, showing each individual client, customer, and employee, we make it easy for you to show how much you value every professional relationship. For more information about our wooden watches, contact [email protected] today!