Celebrating Years of Love With a Timeless Anniversary Gift

Dec 1st 2017

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Give a Watch As an Anniversary Gift

Your wedding anniversary is coming up, but what should you get your spouse? After all, this gift is more than just a token of your love: it marks another year of marriage! You are celebrating all of the most recent joys while looking forward to the coming year that you will spend together.

Thankfully, each year has its own traditional “theme” to help guide you, and we’ve got your anniversary gift guide -- with every idea from handcrafted wooden watches to framed wedding vows!

Year 1: Paper

Most couples celebrate their first year of marriage with paper gifts. Frame your wedding vows or tickets from your first concert together. Commission an artist to illustrate you and your partner. Create a photo book with your favorite memories together. While it’s not quite as extravagant as, say, a watch as an anniversary gift, it’s a great way to use your creativity and find something your spouse will love.

Year 2: Cotton

On your second anniversary, tradition suggests that you buy a cotton gift for your partner. While some couples use this opportunity to upgrade their spouse’s wardrobe, there are other unique gifts you can give on anniversary number two. Personalized towels, pillows, or socks make exceptional gifts, as well as canvas-wrapped photos. These gifts are simple, but they’ll still leave your spouse’s heart a-flutter!

Year 3: Leather

After three years of marriage, it’s time to splurge a little on the love of your life. The third anniversary theme is leather, and it’s a great time to upgrade those accessories you both have been carrying around. A leather handbag for her, a leather-strapped watch for him -- these anniversary gifts are bound to make any couple feel like the luckiest and best dressed pair in town.

Year 4: Fruit and Flowers

Like those paper gifts from year one, fruit and floral gifts are a great way to put use your creative juices and create something truly unique. Make the flowers last forever with a framed photo or drawing of her wedding bouquet. Get him that iPad he’s been eyeing (Apple is a fruit, after all). Plant a tree in the yard that will yield fruit for many years to come.

Year 5: Wood

Can you believe it’s been five years? As they say, time flies when you’re having fun -- but you can keep track of the minutes with a handcrafted wooden watch. Engrave a message into your watch for a truly unique anniversary gift! Stunning timepieces, like the ones we have Modply, make a great gift for men and women alike, so you can be sure your spouse will love it!

With this guide, you can find the perfect traditional anniversary gift for your spouse. Of course, rules are meant to be broken -- so don’t be afraid to toss tradition aside and find whatever your partner loves most! If, for example, you want to find a beautiful watch for an anniversary gift, head on over to our store.