A Watch Worthy of the Great Outdoors

Sep 6th 2017

The water. The mountains. The trees.

At Modply we believe that when you explore these wonders, the perfect watch for traveling should go with you.

Ever since I was young, nature’s raw beauty has inspired me. Growing up next to one of the massive Great Lakes always left me with a sense of excitement. I grew to realize just how big our world is and appreciate the great opportunities we have to explore it!

Nature and the great outdoors has certainly inspired parts of Modply and the team members working here. We love to travel, we love to think, and most importantly, we love to explore. That is why we know it is important to have a watch for traveling; a watch that takes a little bit of the great outdoors with you no matter where you go.

Natural wood watches serve as a perfect platform for both of these convictions. They are lightweight, water resistant, and come with designs and textures beautifully designed by nature.

When I finished school, I traded in the clear waters of Lake Michigan for the Rocky Mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. Little did I know that this move would have planted inspiration for Modply. If you haven’t yet noticed, our watches are named after mountain ranges from around the world. The perfect watch for traveling has to have an equally perfect name!

Our men’s line currently features the Atan, the Balti, and the Harvard collections. Our women’s line includes the Cascade and the Jura collections. Their names remind us of the wonders we have on Earth, while their functionality and style makes them the perfect watch for traveling.

Let your Modply watch spark your next conversion on an airplane, on the train, or riding the subway. No matter where you are, your natural wooden watch will draw attention and awe from bystanders. After all, there’s only one like it!

Each of our natural wood watches are inspired by the natural world, and their namesakes show the true appreciation we have for all of the world’s beauty. The great outdoors is meant to be explored, and rest assured your natural wooden watch from Modply will remind you of this each and every time you glance at it. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or exploring a bustling city, be sure you have a natural wooden watch on your wrist.

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