4 Ways to Tell Your Friend They’re The Best

Oct 7th 2017

A Surprise Gift For Your Best Friend

There’s an old saying which claims that “friends are the family we choose.” And if you’ve ever had a best friend, you know just how true that can be (in fact, you probably thought of your friend just now). But what can you do to show your friend how much you care for them? One great way is with a surprise gift, celebrating your best friend on their birthday, after a promotion, or just because they deserve it!

Gift Box

For Your Childhood Friend

This friend has been with you since the beginning. You were in diapers together, learned to ride bikes together, and got into your fair share of teenage trouble together. This friendship is one that spans decades -- and in that time, you’ve probably taken tons of photos.

Surprise your best friend with a gift that makes displaying all those photos easier (like a digital photo album or a photo string set). This gift may lead to a trip down memory lane!

If you haven’t seen your childhood friend in a while or if they live far away, consider giving a truly personal gift, like a real wood watch, like our  Harvard Earthy Vera, a handcrafted classic that lends itself to sentimentality with a personal engraved message.

Friends Party

For the Hostess with the Mostest

We all have that friend who was born to entertain. Their house is always beautiful, they always have the best snacks handy, and boy can they throw a party! The best gift for this person is one they can use to enhance their party-hosting skills.

When you surprise your best friend, find a gift that can suit a party setting. Elegant flatware, ceramics, or other home goods are always safe bets. However, if you’re looking for a unique gift, consider an elegant but sporty  Jura Alive Cherry wood watch.

For Your Fashion-Forward Friend

This friend always seems to be up to date on the latest trends. Their wardrobe is enviable, and their style is impeccable. It's even likely you’ve asked them to give you a makeover on more than one occasion!

Surprise this best friend with a gift that will take their look to the next level. Statement jewelry is always a bold way to upgrade an outfit, as well as accessories like our unisex  Mini Atan Redwood watch that they can cherish for years.

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Of course, you know your best friend better than almost everyone else in the world. When you’re looking for the perfect gift to surprise them with, make sure you consider their personal tastes. A gift that reminds them of your friendship and lasts for years to come, like a real wood watch from Modply! This idea will really show your best friend how happy you are to have them as part of the family you chose!